Customer Highlight

I hired Johnny end of last summer to do my 40x60 2,400 sq ft garage concrete floor, it was last minute because a buddy of mine back out on the job I asked John if he could get it done for me by the end of September it was an emergency my father had passed and I needed a spot to put his stuff on so it was not on gravel, he said he wanted the job but it is end of season now and he had other jobs ahead of me that he needed to do first john said you know what I will do for you I will come by and do a section for you 40x15 will that be enough for you for now and we will do the rest in spring I said awesome so he did and I was so happy could not thank him enough really did me a huge favor being it was last min. So spring came around and as we all know Covid hit and Johnny got shut down but he told me once things got opened he would be on it and get it done for me. Well we finally got opened back up end of June John had to play catchup after over 3 months of the shutdown and when he got caught back up and the temperatures come back down a little because inside my garage in August and even September it was well over 100° and anyone who knows about concrete knows that is not good the concrete would dry way to fast and not be as strong he asked me if Id wait till October or November it will be stronger it will take longer to cure but it will be better so I waited and my patients paid off he just finished up my floor and did an amazing job and thanked me for being patient with everything that had been going on this year it has been a nightmare for him. When he got opened back up in June everyone was hounding him everybody wanted their concrete done all at once and it just was not possible for him to do everybodys job all at once and I told him I understood the pandemic was not his fault he did not do anything to cause the shut down. Johnny has earned my trust he was holding onto a very large deposit of money on this job and he did not screw me over he came through for me in the completion of my concrete garage floor. I would and will hire Johnny again hes a great man and does amazing work. I not only got a garage floor I got a friend out of this job. Thank you John look forward to having you do more concrete work for me in the future, you are a hard worker and very talented and honest. Everyones jobs are different and John will be honest with you and tell you what days are the best days to do your project if you want the best out him and his talent listen to what he is telling you. If I would have said I did not care I just want it done don't care if its over 100° in the garage I would have regretted it. Some jobs he can do on certain days and some jobs he cant all depends on what kind of project you are having him do. Bottom line if you hire him you won't be disappointed I know I am not.

-Brian F.